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How do you say the English word "distributor" in German? (Distributeur in French, Distribuïdor in Catalan).

I mean the person or company who buys products or services and sells them (resale) in a certain territory. It's not the same as an Agent, as agents don't buy and sell, just sell and get a commission from the sale. It has not the same meaning as representative, as distributors just represent themselves as resellers of products or services, sometimes under their own brand (marca blanca as said in Catalan).

Media Markt is for example a distributor of many manufacturers of electronics.

Sagt man Vertreter oder Verteiler?

Danke shön & auf wieder lesen!
  • berndf

    German (Germany)
    I am not sure you really mean "distributor" in English. A "distributor" in both English and German is a wholesaler. Consequently, Media Markt is not a distributor.

    In Germany (and I think also in Austria) you say "Einzelhändler" (retailer) or "Einzelhandelskette" (retail chain). The word "Verteiler" or "Grossverteiler" is in use in Switzerland for retailer and retail chain, probably following the French "distributeur".