Disturb me to sleep


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Context: argumentative essays.

Normally we say: Driving at night may disturb people's sleep.

But can we say Driving at night may disturb people to sleep.
  • It sounds to me like they're asleep while driving.

    Depending on what you want to say, these may work: Driving at night may disturb people's sleep patterns/cause sleep deprivation/cause sleep disorders.
    Hi teachers,

    Last night when I was chatting with some friends online (we can talk with people and they can hear our voice.) and it was a bit late so I decided to leave the chat room, one reason was that my mom was asleep. So I said I needed to leave and I also told them the reason:

    I don't want to disturb my mom's sleeping.

    Then an Australian-Chinese (native speaker) said it's wrong to say that but he didn't tell me the right way. I wonder if it's unidiomatic to say that.

    Much appreicated!