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what does "dove into the rigors" mean here?

"Megan Rooney was part of my team at the State Department and came back as a speechwriter for the campaign. She dove into the rigors of this book with thoughtful intelligence, wit, and a well-honed skill at storytelling, all of which made this better than I could have done alone."

Source: What Happened by Hillary Clinton
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    Dove is the past of dive (in AE only).
    Rigors (BE rigours) means difficulties, strong demands.

    Megan Rooney dived /plunged/immersed herself... into the difficulties/hardships/demands... of this book. From the context, I think book means brief/task/role but I'm not sure.


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    It sounds to me like "the book" is the book you're reading and that Hillary Clinton is acknowledging Megan Rooney for helping her write it.

    To borrow from Keith:
    Megan Rooney immersed herself in the task of helping Hillary Clinton write the book. It was a demanding task because of all the research, reading, and fact-gathering that needed to happen to get the details accurate.

    Many, many things happen every single day in a high-level political campaign like running for president of the U.S. and somebody had to sort through all the material and decide what to include and then to convey it accurately.
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