Diverging ring

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    Quoted Out of Africa by I. Dinensen

    "In my eagerness to do the thing thoroughly, I made it too hot, and as I put it on his leg and clapped the dressing on the top of it Ramante spoke;—“Msabu,” he said, and gave me a great glance. The Natives use this Indian word when they address white women, but they pronounce it a little differently, and change it into an African word, with a diverging ring to it. In Kamante’s mouth now it was a cry for help, but also a word of warning, such as a loyal friend might give you, to stop you in a proceeding unworthy of you. I thought of it with hope afterwards."

    Please enlighten me meaning of bold, underlined words. Thanks!
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    I assume it means a different sound, a different pronunciation, a different accent.
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    Thanks for your help, Bondstreet.

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