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  1. Leafy Kid Member

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    I found this sentence in the explanation about a restaurant.
    "It's divey but popular."
    Though I checked several dictionaries trying to figure out the meaning of the word "divey", I couldn't find such a word. Or is it a misprint?
  2. cycloneviv

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    Perth, Western Australia
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    The writer has put -y onto the end of dive to make an adjective.

    Merriam-Webster gives as a definition of dive: 2: a shabby and disreputable establishment (as a bar or nightclub).

    You often here, at least in my neck of the woods, "It's a bit of a dive." Maybe we've just got a lot of disreputable establishments around here! :D
  3. Leafy Kid Member

    Japan, Japanese
    I see. Then I know a lot of "divey" places in my neighborhood!
    Thank you!!!
  4. ewie

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    Oh there are plenty of dives in Manchester (UK) too, Viv, believe me.
  5. Leafy Kid Member

    Japan, Japanese
    I guess there are more dives than decent places in the world.

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