Divine Shadow Lion, echo your roar through the heavens!


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I would appreciate it if someone could translate a couple of short phraze for me from english to japanese.


"Divine Shadow Lion, echo your roar through the heavens!"

"I am the Great Shadow Warrior" (warror might be replaced, so a translation with out the word warrior would be nice, but not necessary)

"it's all about balance"

"Dark (or Shadow) energy blast (or beam)"

"Black Hole Prison"


I am writing a story and need these phrase in japanese and have searched for translators online for a while now. :) Arigato, in advance!

I just want to add, I don't necessarily need the characters, but I would like those too... what I need to know is how to say these in japanese, because I may publish this on the web with voiceover work.
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    What's the Shadow Lion? Can I translate this literally (directly) or is this the proper noun that you made?
    I mean, I should change this into Japanese or not?


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    USA, English
    the "shadow lion" is a weapon... a set of gauntlets. The phrase itself is to awaken the spirit that is dormant within these gauntlets. I require all words to be translated. The other phrases are just techniques. My apologies for not explaining this before.


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    Adonus said:
    "Dark (or Shadow) energy blast (or beam)"
    Does this blast/beam mean explosion? or attack?
    If it's explosion--bakuhatsu I'm going to call it as explosion/bakuhatsu in the below translation.
    And I want to make sure but this is...
    "The explosion of dark energy"? or "The dark energy explodes"?

    "Shinsei naru kageno raion, unari wo ten he hibikasero!"

    "Ore/Watashi wa idaina kageno senshi da."
    (Watashi is formal Japanese "I", but Ore is casual/informal "I" for male
    Warrior = senshi, adding senshi is more cool)

    "Sore wa chikara no kinkou da."

    "Yamino enerugi no bakuhatsu" (we borrow this enerugi from German's energy, pronounced like German)

    "Ankoku rougoku"


    俺/私 は偉大な影の戦士だ。




    Well anyway please check and if you have something to ask me feel free post/contact me.
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