divorce settlement



This was the digital graphics animation unit of Lucasfilm, George
Lucas’s film studio in Marin County, California. Lucas wanted to unload
the unit to raise money for his divorce settlement, and Steve
talked to him about it.

Just to be sure, this divorce is in the sense of separation from the described business, right, not the tipical wife and husband divorce?

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    There is no reason not to take this at face value: divorce settlement having the usual meaning of a financial arrangement made upon the break-up of a marriage. Such settlements are often very large, when wealthy people are involved. Mr Lucas needs to raise a considerable sum of money to pay the settlement to his ex-wife, so he considered selling part of his company to do it.

    "Divorce settlement" might be used as a metaphor in the break up of a company, say when two business partners split, but it is not a common one, so the fact that it was a metaphor would be made obvious in the context, rather than the phrase being simply "dropped in" without comment.


    Once it was not also explicit in the context an ex-wife, that's why I considered the hipotesis of being metaphorical. But ok, thanks a lot, I'll take the face value of it :)
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