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    Me gustaría saber cómo traducir el término "divorce town" en un texto legal. No tengo ni idea de a qué equivale, ya que solo encuentro el término usado en sentido figurativo. Os dejo aquí un extracto:

    In these rules any reference to the registry for the divorce town at which a cause is to be tried shall, in relation to a divorce town in which there is no district registry, be construed as a reference to such district registry as the Lord Chancellor may designate for the purpose or, if the divorce town is not situated within the district of any district registry, as a reference to the principal registry.

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    Creo que no es terminología normale--por lo menos si hables de ley des EE-UU. (Estoy abogada americana.) Nunca no oí eso. ¿Quizás la definición esta en las leyes o en las regulaciónes?
    I've never encountered this usage, but suspect that it may be a term that is defined elsewhere in the law or regulations relating to your legal text--at least if this is a US legal text. (I can't speak for other English-speaking jurisdictions.)
    I could guess that "divorce town" might be defined to mean the town of residence of the divorcing couple, although from the context it sounds as if it is referring to the town in which the divorce is being tried....
    Could you say which country's law this relates to?
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    “divorce town”, in relation to any matrimonial proceedings, means a place at which sittings of the High Court are authorised to be held outside the Royal Courts of Justice for the hearing of such proceedings or proceedings of the class to which they belong;

    Source: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1991/1247/body/made
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    Good to know!
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    ¡Muchas gracias! :)

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