DMGRE (Date Minimum Garantie à Réception)

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This appears on the packaging for some frozen carrots. This is what come before and after, for context:

DLUO : Année de fabrication + 2 ans / Best before: Year of production + 2 years
DMGRE (Date Minimum Garantie à Réception) : 6 mois / [...]: 6 months
T°C de stockage : - 18°C / Storage temperature °C: -18°C

Minimum date guaranteed upon receipt? It doesn't seem to make sense.
Could anyone explain what it refers to?
  • Michelvar

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    When you are a shop owner, and you buy from a wholesaler, you don't want that the product you receive is out of date the day after... So, DMGRE 6 months means that the product will be delivered at least 6 month before its expiration date (or, more like, when you receive it, the product will have at least 6 months to go before expiration date).

    I don't know if there is an official translation, but it's something like "minimum period before expiration at receipt"
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