do a bit of a wider fit?

  • daemang

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    I was watching this drama,
    and a man comes to his girlfriend and throws her phone away,
    because he doesn't want her to see a message.
    Of course she gets angry and shouts at him.
    He starts singing this,
    "Free, Nelson Mandela, Shoes too small to fit his feet... "
    And he's like,
    "He should have gone to Clarks. They do a bit of a wider fit, don't they?"
    It's not allowed putting up a link here,
    so I'm having to explain it in text.

    sound shift

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    English - England
    Clarks is the name of a chain of shoe shops in the UK.
    "They do a bit of a wider fit" means "They [Clarks] stock shoes that are a little wider (than the shoes typically found in other shoe shops)".