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The quotation comes Harvard Endowment Reports ‘Disappointing’ 8.1 Percent Return

Quotation: Since he arrived, Mr. Narvekar has been aggressively selling off holdings in private equity and real estate. Since those transactions were executed in the fiscal year ended in June, the endowment may have taken some losses and written down other assets that would potentially let its future returns look better in comparison.

“He took the year to do a deep dive in the portfolio and recognize some of the holdings that could not be justified,” said D. Ellen Shuman, who is a co-chief of Edgehill Endowment Partners, which manages $650 million for nonprofits. “In terms of sales, the interesting question is whether he got the full value for those assets since he sold as quickly as he did.”
Hi everyone! How to understand the bold part in the context?
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    to do a deep dive (idiom, jargon) -> to search meticulously.
    (Crosspost and agreeing.)
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