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Dear forum members,

my question is, if I can put the followingsentence like this and if yes, which one of these sentences is grammatically the best:

In four years I´m going to do my A Levels (it´s a plan that I have)
In four years I do my A Levels (timetable, fixed event)
In four years I´ll do my A Levels.

Or is it better to say something like: In four years I finish school at A level?

Thank you for your help!
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    Either of the first two will work, and I tend to agree that it depends largely on how definite your plans are. For the third one I think I'd say "In four years I'll be doing my A levels".

    Your final suggestion doesn't really work I'm afraid :(: A levels are a set of exams that you take rather than an overall level of achievement that you reach.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum. :)
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