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What would you say the difference between do and make is?
In the book I'm based for teaching, it says that do is used when we talk about activities, and make when we talk about products or final results. I would appreciate if you could include some expressions where you use do and make, for example "make the bed" or "do homework".

Thank you
  • Gordonedi

    Senior Member
    UK (Scotland) English
    I would :
    do housework
    do decorating
    do gardening
    do cooking
    do exercises
    do (solve) a puzzle
    do (dance) a jig

    I would also :
    make bread, make a cake, make a stew
    make a list, then do the shopping
    make preparations for a guest's arrival
    make a pile of rubbish
    make an entrance (meaning to arrive in style)
    make a difference
    make love (sometimes ! :) )
    make someone happy / sad / smile / laugh

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