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do archery

Discussion in 'English Only' started by JeffSa, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. JeffSa New Member

    do archery or practice archery. thanks for your help.
    ex: I want to learn to do archery. is it ok?
  2. bennymix

    bennymix Senior Member

    I would say, "I want to learn archery." I think some sports are not made or done, e.g,
    "I want (to learn) to do football" :cross:
    "I want (to learn) to make football":cross:

    Similarly, "I want to learn football" or "...to play football.":tick::tick:

    Same for 'marksmanship' {guns}.

    Sometimes it might work. "I want (to learn) to do competitive swimming."
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2016
  3. dojibear

    dojibear Senior Member

    Fresno CA
    English - Northeast US
    You can practice your archery. You can compete in an archery contest. You can learn archery. But you cannot "do" archery.

    The only verb I know is "shoot": you shoot arrows at a target using a bow.
  4. bennymix

    bennymix Senior Member

    You can engage in the sport of competitive archery.
  5. Truffula

    Truffula Senior Member

    English - USA
    In some contexts you could use "do" with archery, but not the example you give. As doji said above, you can also use "to practice" with archery, when you are actually practicing archery (practice in the wordreference definition, v 10. to perform on or do repeatedly in order to gain skill or ability).

    Here's some examples of context for "do" with archery:

    Quotation example 1 (Barrowman) John Barrowman Quotes "I did archery when I was in high school."

    Quotation example 2 (Lawrence) Top 10 Archery Quotes "I've done archery for about six weeks, and rock climbing, tree climbing - and combat, running and vaulting."

    From an interview with James Cameron about directing the movie Avatar: "So everybody [in the troupe who played background Navi characters] learned to be Navi and move like the Navi at all times. They did archery, they did horseback riding."
  6. bennymix

    bennymix Senior Member

    Interesting! And are you OK with "I will do archery when I am in high school"?
  7. Truffula

    Truffula Senior Member

    English - USA
    Not in all contexts, bennymix, but in some, sure. For example, my son's friend went to classes in medieval martial arts when he was in middle school. I would not be surprised if he had said that to me when we were discussing that topic (although I would have expected contractions, so, "I'll do archery when I'm in high school.")
  8. bennymix

    bennymix Senior Member

    Agreed. :)
  9. JeffSa New Member

    I was confused because we use "do" gymnastics and I thought it would be the same with archery, "do archery"
  10. bennymix

    bennymix Senior Member

    Discussed above, Jeff.

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