do diesis


come posso tradurre:

il programma è composto dai seguenti pezzi:
Scherzo in Do Diesis min. op. 39;
Scherzo in Mi magg. op.54;
Fantasia in Do magg. op 17.

The programm has got the following parts:
scherzo in Do ????? ???? op.39
scherzo in Mi ???? op. 54
fantasy in Do ??? op. 17

non riesco a trovare la giusta traduzione per: diesis, Maggiore, Minore e le note musicali

  • Maggiore = major
    Minore = minor

    I'm not sure what "Do/Mi" stand for though.
    It looks like it should refer to a number of keys (A-G) but I'm not sure about the initials.

    It could also be modal scales (Dorian / Mixolydian) but I haven't seen many major works specified in this way (also it doesn't say what key it's in so I don't think it's related to modal scales).
    Diesis = sharp
    Maggiore = major
    Minore = minor

    Do/Re/Mi/Fa/Sol/La/Si = C/D/E/F/G/A/B

    "Scherzo", "Fantasia" ecc. vanno lasciati in italiano.
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