do drifts with time and the environment conditions.


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Hi everyone.

I'm working on a translation and I got this expressión "do drift" which I don't understand.

The context is this:
Spectrometer system maintenance is required because scintillators, photomultiplier tubes, conveyor belt conditions and electronics do drift with time and the environmental conditions.

Let me say again, tha part below is the context and I'm just looking for the meaning of "do drift".

Thanks in advance.
  • Chris K

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    "Do" is just an intensifier here, as in "I do think you should consider working part-time" or "Things do get broken." So the idea is that all of these things are in fact subject to "drifting" (whatever that means here).


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    I think what they mean by "drift" here is that the parts in question get off somehow, basically they need to be adjusted, hence maintenance is required. Also, I think the equivalent to "do" as an intensifier is "si", as in "Yo si creo..." = "I do think..."
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