do for him what I'm prepared to

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Terry buys the new gambling game concept from Frank. This game was earlier ignored by Bank:

Terry: Stay out of this, Bank. You already passed.
Bank: Really? Then do for him what I'm prepared to. Prime placement, center room, Vegas, tonight.

What does "do for him what I'm prepared to" mean?
It means that Bank is wants to buy the game and wants to "pay" or give more for it, so that Frank will sell the game to them and not to Terry?

Source: Ocean's Thirteen 2007
  • It's unclear if Bank wants to buy the concept. You say Terry bought it. So it seems Bank is now challenging Terry. In effect, Bank is asking what Terry can do for Frank. Bank is saying he (still) could do a lot, that is, put the game in a prime location, etc. Possibly Bank is not offering (except hypothetically) but simply pointing out what Frank could have gotten, had Bank bought the concept.

    ADDED: Doji has pointed out another layer to the encounter, see below.
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    What does "do for him what I'm prepared to" mean?
    Do everything for him, that I am prepared to do for him.

    Willy Bank is the bad guy. Terry Benedict is helping the team trick Willy Bank into putting Frank's game into Bank's Las Vegas casino.

    Nobody is "buying" the game. They will put the game (including Frank) into a casino, and get a share of the game's profits.

    But it's a trick -- it's a way to get Frank into the casino, as part of the plan to steal from Bank.
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