Do I get a guest?


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Betty: "Wow, that's too bad Daniel can't go to the premiere for that Colin Farrell movie."
Mark: "Colin Farrell? What do you need?"
Betty: "Willhamina's september's recipts."
Mark: "Do I get a guest?"

Could you tell me what Mark means by "Do I get a guest?"?

  • xqby

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    Willhamina's receipts from September are somehow going to get tickets for Mark to Colin Farrell's new movie. Mark wants to know if he will be given a second ticket, so that he can bring a friend to the premiere.


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    "Do I get a guest?" is colloquial.

    Without more context it could mean:

    "Do I get a guest ticket [so that I can come too]?" or

    "Do I get a guest ticket [so that I can bring a guest with me]?"

    That's how I read it.


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    The first thought that comes to my mind is that Mark is asking whether he will be allowed to bring a guest to the movie premier if Betty can find Willhamina's September receipts.
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