1. arw978 New Member

    England, English
    I am writing the sentence, 'for parents who have looked after and educated their children properly, the decision is harsh and does not encourage others to do likewise'

    I have got 'pour les parents qui ont bien surveille et eduque leurs enfants, la solution est severe et elle n'incite pas les autres parents a faire de meme'

    The context is a case commentary on a judgment about the responsability of parents for the actions of their children.

  2. wouass Member

    Switzerland (French) - French and English
    I would just change the bit in bold. The problem is that "take care of" and "educate" don't have the same grammatical complements, ("éduquer" has a direct object complement / accusative and "prendre soin" has a prepositional complement / genitive) therefore you have to separate them. This results in a difficult-to-explain "s" on "éduqués" but trust me, it's there. "Faire de même" works well for "do likewise" in general.
  3. pieanne

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    Nice Hinterland
    For the French sentence, I'd say "pour les parents qui se sont bien occupés de leurs enfants et les ont bien éduqués, la solution est drastique, et n'incite pas les autres parents à les imiter" (but "faire de même" is quite OK.

    I have to say I don't see any problem with the grammatical construction in your original proposition...

    Are you asking fot help in French, or in English? :S
  4. arw978 New Member

    England, English
    OK thankyou very much.
  5. wouass Member

    Switzerland (French) - French and English
    Très élégante traduction Pieanne, ça mériterait un bonus dans mes cours de traduction.

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