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  1. Pili-111 New Member


    I want to know if it is right to say "The doctor made a surgery yesterday" or "The doctor did a surgery yesterday". Maybe both are wrong, but it´s important for me to learn.

    Thank you very much for helping me!!
  2. Bevj

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    Girona, Spain
    English (U.K.)
    The doctor held a surgery yesterday.

  3. stooge1970

    stooge1970 Senior Member

    Interesting. Over here, we'd say "The doctor performed a surgery yesterday". We definitely wouldn't use the verb "to hold".

  4. Valvs Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    In British English, "surgery" can also mean a period of time when a politician (an MP or councilor) meets people to discuss their problems etc. In this context, "to hold a surgery" is a rather common expression. I wonder if this could affect the usage of the word "surgery" and its collocations when it refers to a surgical operation? :confused: I mean, since the phrase "to hold a surgery" sounds familiar to British people in the context described above, some of them may have started using it in different contexts. That's just a theory of mine :).
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  5. sound shift

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    As Valvs says, we in the UK do say that an MP or a doctor holds a surgery. It just means that they are available for consultation by the public.

    En cambio cuando se trata de una operación, decimos

    "They [= los médicos] operated on him."
    "They [= los médicos] operated on his injury."
    "They [= los médicos] operated on his knee/leg/ligaments/etc."

    "He [= el paciente] had an operation."
    "He [= el paciente] had an operation on his leg."
    "He [= el paciente] had surgery."
    "He [= el paciente] had surgery on his knee."
    "He [= el paciente] had knee surgery."

    No se dice ni "do a surgery" ni "make a surgery".
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  6. Chez Senior Member

    English English
    Agree with Sound Shift.

    We also say the doctor performed surgery for 'did an operation'.
  7. stooge1970

    stooge1970 Senior Member

    In the States, we say "performed an operation", not "did an operation".

    I agree that it sounds better to leave out the "a" and just say "performed surgery", unless you're trying to make it clear that the doctor performed just one.

    Soundshift's options are great too. Very natural. But then again, if we're focusing on the doctor's actions unfortunately we can't just say "The patient had surgery".

  8. Pili-111 New Member

    Well, I really want to thank you becasuse of all the comments you made. Now, I understood how to use the word "surgery".

    Best wishes,

  9. kamnil Senior Member

    Pachuca City, Mexico
    Mexican Spanish
    it is make a surgery

    keep in mind that Do refers to intelectual things( do your homework) while make refers to things we have to do phisically( make your bed).

    I hope it is useful for you

  10. Pili-111 New Member

    Thanks Kamnil, but i think your rule doesn´t work in all cases. For example, in spite of "do" is used for intellectual activities, you can say "do the dishes", which refers to movement.

    I think sometimes it´s complicated, and the best way to learn it is making a list and using the memory to remember if we use Do or MAKE in a sentence.
  11. Spug Senior Member


    No... lamento discrepar, pero no.

    Al hablar de la cirugía, "to make a surgery" no se diría nunca en el inglés americano. Como dice stooge1970, se dice "to perform surgery". Es posible decir "do surgery", pero a mi oído suena más natural decir "perform surgery".

    Hablando de todo... eso de que en Inglaterra se dice "to hold surgery" al hablar de un parlamentario me sorprende... viví un año en Londres hace como 20 años y nunca oí esa expresión. Eso sí suena raro en el inglés americano. Pero como se dice, cada día aprendemos algo, y como todos sabemos, el Reino Unido y los Estados Unidos son dos naciones separadas por un idioma común, ¿no es cierto? :)
  12. Pili-111 New Member

    Tienes razón, siempre estamos aprendiendo algo nuevo. Gracias por tu aporte!!!
  13. hope25 New Member

    Thanks for the information
    But then what can the patient say if the surgery will be holden on him?


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