do/make/count the grades


At the end of a semester, we have to submit students' grades to the office of academic affairs. Hence, we must do/make/count the grades within three days after the final exam.

Correct me if I am wrong, and which should I use, do, make, or count the grades? Thanks.
  • LouisaB

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    Hi, quietdandelion,

    I agree with cuchuflete.

    However, in informal convesation you could certainly say 'do the grades' to a colleague. As an ex-teacher, I would often say (or hear) phrases like 'I can't come out tonight, I'm doing my grades', or 'How long have we got to do our grades?'

    I would not use 'make', because 'make the grade' has a different and precise meaning of 'achieve the standard demanded by a particular grade'.

    I wouldn't use 'count' either - unless for some reason I needed literally to 'count' the number of grades I was submitting, which (again) would have a different meaning.