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  1. gatogab Banned

    To do the homework or to make the homework? And why? Thanks.
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  2. kayokid

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    A student does his/her homework. That is a set expression just like: To do laundry, to do housework, etc.
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  3. Cach Member

    Chile (Español)
    To do the homework.

    "Make" is a verb whose meaning is realted to "create".

    You don't "create" the homework (obvious reasons xD, a teacher gives you the homework), you "do" the homework (after receiving it).

    I think that's the reason. But, you should wait until a native speaker answer your cuestion.
  4. galesa Senior Member

    english wales
    Totally agree with you Cach, except "make your bed"?? you aren't creating anything, isn't English just great!!
  5. Cach Member

    Chile (Español)
    But, when you "make your bed", it looks like a brand new bed xD.
  6. galesa Senior Member

    english wales
    Hadn't thought of that one!
  7. gatogab Banned

    My dear friends, just till now I know that it could be said in both ways, even if I percieve isn't correct, but I don't know why?
    The WR dictionary doesn't help me so much to clear this doubt.

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