Do makeup, wear makeup

  • Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    Please explain what you want to say - that's context. Are you talking to somebody or talking about yourself.
    Presumably you are talking about cosmetics when you say makeup.
    If we don't know what idea you want to express we can't help.
    Choose one sentence to ask about.


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    English - Southern England
    1. I need to put on some/my make-up. I need to do my make-up

    3. Sounds OK
    4. I think "I don't wear make-up" sounds most natural. "I don't do make-up" means I have no interest in make-up and never wear it.

    2. Are you suggesting that someone puts some make-up on?

    Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    In my personal experience:
    • To put on makeup is an action that takes about 40 minutes. "Look at the clock! It's time I went and put on my makeup."
    • To wear makeup is an activity that lasts about 8 hours at a time over many years of one's life. "I'd never go to a restaurant or a club without wearing makeup."
    • To do makeup means to study makeup or to offer it as a service to others. "This is my first time out in drag. Could you help do my makeup?"
    (All timings are approximate!)
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