do my laundry on those abs


In a parallel world, ruled by women -- which is supposed to be a mirror reflection of our real world -- at an office a woman introduces an ad poster with a good-looking man in just underpants. This man, Bill, is their coworker and is in this office now. All the women are behaving like "typical men" looking at a poster with a naked woman. One woman tells him in a lustful tone of voice:
-- I could do my laundry on those abs, Bill.
If Women Ruled The World, YouTube video

I know what abs are, but what real thing does it replace/repersent? I mean, what one does their landry on?
  • Florentia52

    Modwoman in the attic
    English - United States
    It's a play on words.The person in question has what are referred to as "washboard abs." A Google search will give you plenty of graphic examples.
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