do not even bother to


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I want to scold a person who lacks the spirit of critical thinking: you just parrot what others have said and do not even bother to google whether the claim is true.

Does the bold make sense? Thanks.
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    It makes perfect sense, yeah.

    Two minor points:

    1. you're just parroting would be better IMO (since you're expressing annoyance)

    2. I'd strongly recommend adding a second "you" before "don't even bother" because there's a funny ambiguity there at the moment (which you should be able to see now that I've pointed it out).


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    You just parrot (using the present simple) means that the person repeatedly shows no critical thinking.
    It is ok to say don't even bother or you don't even bother.

    However, if you are talking about one occasion (i.e. at this moment), you could use the present progressive tense: You're just parroting.

    (To express annoyance you could change this to You're always parroting (note that this means repeatedly parroting.)
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