do not exaggerate your draw


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It's the movie "Hearts beat loud".
There's this father and his daughter, he an ex musician, she preparing for med school and doing some music on the side.
Anyway, father is entering some details online for Mercury Lounge.
And he reads the form on line,
"When submitting your show history to Mercury Lounge,
please be as specific as possible and please do not exaggerate your draw."

After that, he says that he can exaggerate it a bit.
Daughter says no because, according to her, they don't even have a draw.
Father goes on by saying, "I'm gonna say our draw is 60. No. 65."
And I don't know what "draw" is in this context.
Some kind of a result, record?
But what specificialy?
Number of his shows?
Any idea?

Thank you
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    He's saying he can draw, or attract, 65 people.
    That means that about 65 people would show up to hear them play.


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    This is about his show history, not an estimate of how many people he might attract in the future at a different time and place. It refers specifically to how many people came to each of his previous concerts. He is asked not to exaggerate that number: if there were 50 people there, he should not say there were 65 or 70, and so on.
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