do not recur again

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piraña utria

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Good morning friends.

These are other Mr. Gordon Brown’s words that I’ve listened and read, also available in

"Stage two is to make sure that the problems that developed in the financial system, problems that we know started from America, that these problems do not recur again and we give people the confidence that we have taken the action that is necessary to root out the irresponsibilities and excesses in the system, and to make sure that the rules of the system are such that we have proper disclosure and proper transparency, that we have supervision in areas where supervision was previously not required, but we now know is necessary"

With the due reverence, is it regular the highlighted text, I mean to put “again” beside “do not recur” at least amid this context or as a sort of emphasized form? It sounds to me a bit redundant.

Thanks for your answers,
  • ace02nc

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    I would have said "do not occur again". By definition, yes, "recur again" would be rather redundant. Another option would be to say "do not recur".
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