do shaving ads / Forest Lawn commercials

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Two cops talking:
RIGGS: We bury the fuckers. [the criminals -- drug dealers] (....) We do this right, we get famous. Do shaving ads and shit. Girls, money....
MURTAUGH: Yeah, sure, with our luck, we'll be doin' Forest Lawn commercials.
RIGGS: Bullshit! We got the edge, Cochise.
Roger doesn't understand what edge.
RIGGS: Roger, they think I'm dead. I'm a corpse. [the criminals shot at Riggs and thought they killed him, but he wore a bulletproof vest]
Lethal Weapon, movie

Does that mean "be actors in TV commetcials"? Thank you.
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  • Myridon

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    Yes. Famous people often endorse products in TV commercials.
    (Shaving commercials generally feature attractive men (who are often wearing only a towel). Forest Lawn is a cemetery.)


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    Yes. But note Forest Lawn is a famous cemetery, so the second use might actually mean "we'll be dead".

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