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It's strange that they use "do the yard". I don't understand what it means.
"Look at the yard! You'll have to do it soon."
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    In everyday language, "do" is often substituted for another verb, to indicate whatever it is that must be done. In this case, "doing the yard" probably refers to cutting the grass and perhaps some other maintenance chores.



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    Hi mimi,

    In English "do" is used as a "substitute" verb to express one's need to accomplish a task, usually a chore. Although the meaning of "do" itself does not change, the activity it refers to, might.

    As in your other thread:

    I need to "do" the dishes: I need to clean and put away the dishes.
    I need to "do" my hair: I need to fix or style my hair.
    I need to "do" the laundry: I need to clean, dry and put away dirty clothes.

    I need to "do" the yard: I need to mow, trim, weed and/or accomplish any other task as is related to yard work, in order to make the yard presentable.


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    "Do the yard" means to do the work in the yard to make it look better such as mowing the grass, trimming the bushes and hedges, clipping flowers, pulling weeds, planting new plants, raking leaves, picking up fallen limbs, and re-seeding the grass.


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    I only know a word to say:" Thank you very much for helping me"
    You are all very kind. Thanks.
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