Do they mean the same?

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polszczyzna warszawska
How would you say that in German please?
Could it be:
Bedeuten sie gleich?

They refers to senetneces if that's important here.

  • Hutschi

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    Bedeuten sie das gleiche/dasselbe?
    besser: Bedeuten beide Sätze das gleiche/dasselbe?

    I think his depends on context and especcially on the previous sentence. Before you can use "sie" the meaning of "sie" must be intoduced.

    Example: Ich habe gestern zwei Sätze gehört: "Ich bin zufrieden." und "Ich bin glücklich." Bedeuten sie dasselbe?

    If the distance between the definition and "sie" is long, you should use Kajjos second form: Bedeuten beide Sätze das gleiche/dasselbe?
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