Do you get up too much on the weekend?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by emfoes, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. emfoes Member

    An Australian friend sent me today a sms with this sentence. Unfortunately I do not understand what she wants to tell me.

    Can anybody tell me what does it mean?

    Thank you in advance for your responses.
  2. jamesjiao

    jamesjiao Senior Member

    New Zealand English and Mandarin Chinese
    Please provide context. I can't possibly interpret an informal, out-of-context question from someone I have never met :).

    Although my afterthought tells me this message could have perverted connotations (assuming you are male).
  3. L'Homme Inconnu

    L'Homme Inconnu Senior Member

    Back o' Beyond
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    I don't think there is any sort of perversion on the face of it! The quote is perfectly understandable to me in BE - basically, "do you do anything at the weekend?"

    In my understanding, this is taken to mean 'go out (with friends)' or perhaps 'go shopping'.

    Equally though, with context, it could be interpreted as being slightly sexual (not perverted) - though it would be more common in BE to say "do you get much...", without the 'up to'.

    This is all, of course, on the assumption that the 'too' in the question is a typo with too many o's, either by the sender of the sms or by emfoes. If it is correct, I think James is on to something!
  4. panjandrum

    panjandrum Occasional Moderator

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    One very likely possibility is that there are too many o's in too and the message should read:
    Do you get up to much on the weekend?

    In that case it is a simple enquiry about what kind of weekends you have.
    Are you very busy with sky-diving, rock-climbing, partying, voluntary work and poetry recitals?
    Do you spend Friday evening to Sunday early morning watching TV?
  5. Thomas Tompion Senior Member

    Southwest France
    English - England
    Just to expand:

    The BE expression to get up to something is just a familiar way of saying to do something. So do you get up to much over the week-end? just means do you do a lot over the week-end?

    The sexual point is that to get up or, more usually, to get it up, means to have an erection, and if too is not a typo for to, which I'm confident it is, the question means, just, do you have too many erections over the week-end?
  6. emfoes Member

    Ooops. Yes, I am a male, and she is a female. And we went out for coffee once. If she has interest in me, I am not sure...

    She wrote EXACTLY:

    "Sorry I didnt get your text till late. I was snowboarding. Maybe another time. U get up 2 much on the weekend?"

  7. jamesjiao

    jamesjiao Senior Member

    New Zealand English and Mandarin Chinese
    Well, now it's all clear. She said 'You get up TO much on the weekend?". Note that it's 'to' not 'too'.

    "to get up to" in the sense (this is very informal by the way) means "to do something". This can be better interpreted as:

    Do you have much to do on the weekend? (implying if you are free in the weekend).
  8. emfoes Member

    Ok, that's great. Thank you very much for the explanation. My mistake confusing "to" and "too"...
  9. panjandrum

    panjandrum Occasional Moderator

    Belfast, Ireland
    English-Ireland (top end)
    We've talked about this so far as a general question about what you do at weekends.
    Now that the actual text has been posted, it reads to me as a simple conversational question, asking about what you did last weekend.
    The full text is inviting you to reply - or not, as you choose.
    Not asking you to reply, but encouraging.

    If you like her, reply, and good luck :)

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