Do you have GTA V?

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by FlyingBird, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Anyone can please translate it?

    Gtan v var mı?

  2. ketcapov Member

    Usually we don't say 'do you have' for computer games.
    We say: Gta V oynadın mı ?

    But if you wonder the rule, It can be 'GTA beş aldın mı? or GTA beşin var mı?'

    But They sound nonsense.
  3. ancalimon Senior Member

    I don't think GTA beşin var mı sounds like nonsense. You are simply asking if he has the game called GTA 5. Imagine yourself at a friends home playing with his XBox and asking whether he has GTA 5 or not. What you would say is "Gta 5'in var mı?"
  4. LunarLord Member

    I would most probably say (i guess 95% of people would agree with me)

    "Sende GTA V var mı?" or "GTA V var mı sende?"

    Both sound fine. But grammatically speaking, i would go with the first one.

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