Do you have this jacket in a smaller size?

Hello everyone.:) I want to write a polite message to a German eBay-user and ask a question about a jacket, but unfortunately I don't know any German at all... *blush* What I want to say is:

"Hello. Do you have this jacket in a smaller size, like size 32-36? If so, I would be very interested to buy it... Sincerely, MyName"

Since I don't know any German, I can't make any attempts, but I guess it may include "Haben Sie"...? :eek:
I would really appreciate some help! Thank you so much!! ;)
  • l'amore

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    turco casado con una española
    ''Haben Sie diese Jacke in kleiner Größe wie 32-36 ? Wenn ja,wäre ich daran interessiert sie einzukaufen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen'' so würde ich den Satz übersetzen.
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