do you hear that ㅃ consonant?

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by vientito, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. vientito Senior Member

    Here's a short snippet of a conversation. There are two sounds that out of all sincerity I could not make out at all

    First is the 바 sound for 바봅니까.. the second one is that 뻔 sound 뻔히 알면서 (which sounds like 언야 면서 to my ears)

    I wonder if there's something wrong with my own hearing, with the quality of the recording or in fact all of you native ears actually detect that?

    Normally I do not have too much trouble with ㅃ, ㄲ, ㅆ but this one I have to say that the many times I replay it I still could not be sure it is there.

    PS with prior approval of audio posting from Rallino
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  2. 경상남도로 오이소 Member

    He says 뻔히 알면서 가게 just like most Koreans do.
  3. jakartaman Senior Member

    It has a lot to do with being a native speaker.
    We already know everything so even if someone slurs a word,
    it registers with us.

    Americans slur a lot when they speak English
    but if you're a native English speaker, most of the time
    you know what they say.
  4. 미치겠다 야 상두, 너 이리와.

    제가 바봅니까?(제가 바보입니까?) 가면 때릴 거 뻔히 알면서 가게?

    As like all languages, native speakers know the range of the variation of the sound, which means if one says "뻐니 아며서 가게"(it is a wrong pronunciation, and we don't actually say like this) but we can understand it as "뻔히 알면서 가게", because we can't make another combination with that sound.
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