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Do you jog every day? Vs Are you jogging every day?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Emerlander, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Emerlander

    Emerlander Senior Member

    Tamil - India
    Is there a difference in the meaning of the following two sentences?

    A: Do you jog every day?
    B: Are you jogging every day?

    To me the first sentence seems like a question about someone's habit while the second question sounds like a doctor who's asking his patient if he's following the medical advice given by him.

    I can't quite clearly say why that's the case. It's all too vague. I've heard English people say that Indians love the continuous tense. Being an Indian myself, I'm trying to figure out what exactly they mean. It'll help me speak idiomatic English.
  2. Barque Senior Member

    I agree. Or maybe a personal trainer.

    I think they are meaning that we prefer "I'm jogging every day" to "I jog every day".
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2015
  3. Emerlander

    Emerlander Senior Member

    Tamil - India
    Hmm right. "I'm jogging every day" does sound fine. =P

    Oh and you said "I think they are meaning" rather than say "I think they mean". Perhaps yet another example of our tendency to use the continuous tense? ;) I should probably start a separate thread to discuss if it's grammatically correct or incorrect to use the continuous tense like the way we do.
  4. Andygc

    Andygc Senior Member

    British English
    There's nothing ungrammatical about "Are you jogging every day?" It's a matter of normal usage. It is certainly possible in the context you suggest.

    What exercise do you take?
    I often go jogging.
    1. Are you going jogging every day?/Are you jogging every day?
    2. Do you go jogging every day?

    I think most BE speakers would prefer 2, but I don't think anybody would be surprised by either variant of 1.
  5. Emerlander

    Emerlander Senior Member

    Tamil - India
    Oh cool. That makes sense. Thanks, Andygc.

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