Do you know what this is called?

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it was in the late 1980s

the internet was still not adopted.

it was this little machine looks like a box with a black and white screen and keyboard, no mouse.

there was no external device port, just the outlet for power, on-off switch, and the socket for phone line.

so, one can call it a proto-internet terminal.

I dont know why, but most poeple in Korea called it "PC통신" meaning PC-based communication.

For "PC", we really didnt mean

back then, any computer ordinary people could see was personal computers.

I thinki people just thiougfht the machine was a kind of computers. that's why they called it "PC"

using this device, you could access what's called BBS (I' not sure if this is a correct name)

it stands for bulletin board service, I guess.

anyway, this is my description of the communication device.
  • nagomi

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    Are you thinking of a modem?
    Hi, PaulQ

    I searched a while. it called called Terminal and the service you can use with it is BBS or bulletin board system.

    but it was very quick to disappear as soon as a proper and more modern versin of service we call the Internet arrived.
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