Do you know what would happen if we had no 4th of July in the United States?


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We would go from the third of July to the 5th of July. :D

Enjoy the holiday everyone.


Did anyone notice that they left out "of" in this image? I copied it before I noticed the missing "of". Sorry about that.
  • Happy 4th of July, señor Packardo.


    And happy 100th “July 4th Ball” anniversary to the staff at Overlook Hotel!
    When I was young I used to drink bourbon on each 4th of July until I got tipsy. Bourbon is the only alcoholic beverage that originated in the USA, so it seamed patriotic.

    That was the only day of the year when I drank bourbon. People around me claimed I was hilariously funny when I drank that all American beverages. I haven’t had any for about 40 years. I should resurrect that fine American tradition.
    Bourbon and a cigar do sound like an all-American tradition to me, Señor Packardo.