Do you know who that man is? vs. Do you know who is that man?

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Abd-allah Ahmed

You are asking about who someone is
who's someone

Would you say:
"Do you know who that man is?"
"Do you know who is that man?"

I guess it is who someone is, but why?

Thanks in advance :)
  • tunaafi

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    English - British (Southern England)
    In indirect questions, we do not normally use the S-V inversion of direct questions:

    Direct: Who is that man? Why is he here? Is he drunk?
    Indirect: Do you know who that man is? Do you know why he is here? Do you know if he is drunk?


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    English - US (Midwest)
    Or the way I look at it:

    The question being asked is "Do you know?", so the subject-verb order is inverted (from "you do" to "do you"). "That man is" is not a question, so the normal subject-verb order is retained.
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