Do you mind if we sit together?

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by rossonero, May 22, 2007.

  1. rossonero Member

    Hello all

    Let's say i'm on an airplane, and my girlfriend is 2 seats to my left, and someone is between me. I'd like to say "Do you mind if we sit together / next to each other?"

    I'm going to make some attempts (i like trying)!

    1. Ti do fastidio se sediamo insieme [while pointing to my friend]?
    Actually by the way, to be respectful, is it "Le do fastidio.."?

    2. Possiamo sedere insieme?

    3. Posso sedere vicino a lei [pointing to my friend]?

    How did I do? :)

  2. disegno

    disegno Senior Member

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    Che ne dici di questo..."Le dispiace se ci sediamo qui più vicino?
  3. giacinta Senior Member

    My try:

    "Le da fastidio se noi ci spostiamo per essere (sedere) insieme?"

    "Le da fastidio di spostarsi affinche' noi possiamo sedere insieme?".

  4. niklavjus Senior Member

    Italiano (Italia)
    "Le dispiacerebbe se ci scambiassimo di posto? Vorrei sedere accanto alla mia fidanzata."

    "Le dispiacerebbe scambiare il suo posto con il mio o con quello della mia fidanzata? Vorremmo stare vicini."
  5. giacinta Senior Member


    could someone advise whether rossonero and I are wrong in what we have said?


  6. MünchnerFax

    MünchnerFax Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    Per doesn't sound natural here, although it should be correct.

    Affinché sounds formal. In such an informal situation, così would be used.
    The second one sounds actually somehow rude... Dare fastidio has a pretty strong nuance. Le dà fastidio spostarsi makes me think the guy has clearly shown he isn't willing to move.

    Niklavjus' sentences are "native-like". :)
  7. cirdok New Member

    Italy(now US)/Italian
    I would say:

    "Le dispiace farci sedere vicino?"
    ending the question with a smile :p

    In this context I found "dispiace" more appropriate than "fastidio".

    ps my first message: ciao a tutti!
  8. giacinta Senior Member

    Grazie a tutti


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