Do you see that monster?


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I’m a mom trying to learn arabic with my toddler and a baby. We’re all girls.
For the Halloween season we need help. Can someone translate the following into fusha Arabic, and write in English how to pronounce it?
26. Do you see that monster?
That’s all. Thank you.
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    I'm not a native speaker of Arabic, but my attempt would be:

    هل ترين ذلك الوحش؟ (if you’re speaking to one girl)
    Hal ta ray na tha lik lwe7sh? (The 7 is the pharyngeal h sound in Arabic, and the “th” sound is the one in the word “the”).

    هل ترى ذلك الوحش؟ (if you’re speaking to one boy)

    Hal ta ra tha lik lwe7sh?

    Keep in mind that you will need a different conjugation for the verb “to see” depending on how many people you’re talking to (masculine singular, feminine singular, dual, feminine plural, masculine plural).
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