Do you supply the the tennis ball?


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The Big Bang Theory Season 05 Episode 19

Sheldon's going to attend a 93 year-old woman's birthday party, so he goes to pick out a gift at Stuart's store and asks for recommendation.

Stuart: Could put a tennis ball on the end of Excalibur. Make a pretty badass cane.
Sheldon: Do you supply the the tennis ball?
Stuart: No.

Does the word supply have the implication of giving the tennis ball away for free when making purchase of the Excalibur? Or we don't know if it's free or not?
Or it just simply means if they sell tennis balls or not.
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    Stuart owns a comic book store that also sells related fantasy and science-fiction memorabilia, like replica Excalibur swords (Wikipedia).
    He doesn't have tennis balls in the store.

    He is joking that Sheldon could put a tennis ball on the end of a toy sword to make a "badass cane" for Amy's elderly aunt.

    In the U.S., some elderly people put tennis balls on the feet of orthopedic walkers (image) without wheels in order to make them glide more smoothly.
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