Do you use WeChat?

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Ali Smith

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Urdu - Pakistan

Is there a difference between the following sentences?


  • SimonTsai

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    Taiwanese Mandarin
    The first is possibly slightly more formal. Alternatively, you may ask,

    你有微信嗎? (Do you have a WeChat account?)​
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    #3 is more colloquial and is what we really speak.
    But there is a slight difference between 您使用微信吗?/您用微信吗? and 你有微信嗎?
    1. 你有微信嗎? implies that if you do use WeChat, I would like to add you. 您使用微信吗?/您用微信吗? is less implying.
    2. Under this situation 您使用微信吗?/您用微信吗? is way more ideal.
    The company Tencent does market research on the street for WeChat. Their staffs walk to the people and ask: 您使用微信吗?/您用微信吗?


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    Taiwanese Mandarin
    '你有微信嗎' is often but not necessarily followed by a friend request. It can be followed by a notification that the discussion will then be held on WeChat, or in the context of a street survey, questions about the user's experience with WeChat, etc.
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