Do you want me to accompany you home tonight?

non rien!

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This for a girl (who I like very much) who is scared about going home to where she lives because of the crime problems. What I want to say is:

Wenn du Angst hast, willst du, dass ich dich heute Abend zurueck nach Hause begleiten? Gib mir Bescheid.

Is this any good?

  • Tifoso Bonisolli

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    It's understandable, but you wouldn't say "zurück" AND "nach Hause" - that's twice the same information (I know it's "back home" in English, but I fail to understand why - "home" alone does the job very well). And you wouldn't say "willst du, dass" - not that it's wrong, but it's complicated somehow. You should shorten that to "Wenn du Angst hast, soll ich dich heute Abend nach Hause begleiten?"
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