1. Ryoma New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Is there any equivalent expression in English? In Spain, we say that someone has 'double morals' when he or she defends a moral position in some situations and the opposite in other situations.

    For example:
    - La iglesia americana por un lado condena la homosexualidad, y por otro respalda a los sacerdotes pedófilos. ¡No soporto esa doble moral!

    (It's not my opinion, just an example!)
  2. Ryoma New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Sorry, I should have said: 'La Iglesia americana'. You can use lowercase only when talking about the building, not the community.
  3. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    I think the English equivalent would be "double standards".
    That's my opinion.
  4. Ryoma New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Yes, It is. I've googled for the expression 'double standards' and it looks like English speakers use it in the same way we use 'doble moral'. Thank you very much.

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