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  1. Bou New Member

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    Can anyone help me with the following translation into English? It's from a memo on student exchange programmes:

    Dobles titulos oficiales limitados a las Diplomaturas
    Cualquier acuerdo de Doble titulación debe ser de Universidad a Universidad

    For the first one I put: Official Double diplomas are limited to Bachelor degree

    Could the second one be: Any double diploma agreement must be between universities?

    Thank you!
  2. carleta Senior Member

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    I'm not sure but...why not "double titulation" for the second sentence?, in the first sentence I think that double diploma is ok...(anyway wait for more opinions, mine is not much reliable...:D
  3. frida-nc

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    In American English you might say "Joint degrees are limited to/awarded only at the bachelor level/undergraduate level."

    "Any agreement for the awarding of joint degrees must be between the Universities."
  4. loladamore

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    There is a difference in the UK between a joint or dual (honours) degree and a double degree. I wonder which one it is here? A joint/dual degree is a degree in two subjects, for example, French and Spanish, Politics and History. A double degree, on the other hand, is awarded conjointly by 2 universities, often one in the UK and the other in a different country.

    As Bou mentions de Universidad a Universidad, I think it might be the latter. This link might help.


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