Doc Holiday, a marshal? [Doc Holliday]

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Could anyone tell me what Marshal refers to in this sentence? I know well what “marshal” means because I have seen numerous Westerns. But I don’t understand why it is capitalized and what it has to do with Doc Holiday. I know him well (though I have not met him personally). He participated alongside the Earps in the famous gunfight. But he was not a marshal for his life.

It is needless to say the United States Marshal was no one else but Doc Holliday.
Doc Holiday 1955 John M. Myers
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    United States Marshal is a job title -- he was deputized by Wyatt Earp. And your good buddy's name is spelled with two L's: Doc Holliday. :)


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    This is probably more of a history question, than a language one. Virgil Earp deputized Doc Holliday as a Deputy US Marshal.

    (I was in Tombstone less than three weeks ago :D)


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    1. U.S. newspapers would not capitalize "marshal" when it is not part of a title before a name.

    2. Whether John "Doc" Holliday ever was deputized is not a language question. I suggest you check the Wikipedia entry for Doc Holiday.

    (I strongly suggest you do so before making any wagers.) :)

    I know him well (though I have not met him personally).
    No kidding? He only died in 1887 :rolleyes:
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