doctoral mental health professions


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'If we assume that it is not the overall amount of training that matters but rather the amount of specific training in couple counseling, we might choose a marital and family therapist. Although less educated overall than the doctoral mental health professions, these counselors have had special training in marital and family therapy.' A. Christensen 'Reconcilable differences'

Does 'doctoral' refer to the degree (PhD)? It's not some kind of adjective describing a medical doctor? The extract is a part of a chapter describing what couple therapy is like, what kind of specialist people can choose (psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, social worker or a counselor).
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    I would assume it refers to mental health professions that require any doctoral level degree, including MD, PhD, PsyD, EdD, and others.


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    I don't think 'doctoral' is used at all as an adjective for medical doctors, and I can't think of what adjective you'd use in that position if you wanted to talk about mental health professionals who were doctors.
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