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Hi everyone!

I've just registered to this forum and this is my first thread so sorry if I am asking this question at the wrong place. I could use some help because I have problems in interpreting the following sentence: "In the former Yugoslav republics I encountered doctors and engineers, well educated professionals turned struggling refugees from Kosovo's ethnic violence." What is unclear for me is whether "well-educated professionals" is the third element of an enumeration following "doctors and engineers" or rather, it's a general description of the two preceeding professions, meaning that "I encountered doctors and engineers, that is, well-educated professionals". I hope it's clear what I wanted to ask. Thanks for your replies!

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    I would read it as "...doctors and engineers, that is, well-educated professionals..." although it doesn't exclude the possibility that he met other types of well-educated professionals.

    To be the third enumeration it would be something like "....doctors, engineers and (other) well-educated professionals..."


    I agree with JamesM. The text is a little bit ambiguous, but I would understand that the well-educated professionals that the author encountered were doctors and engineers.
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