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    The following sentence relates to the film Fahrenhet 9/11 and its winning of the Palmes d'Or at Cannes:

    Une Palme d’or à un documentaire engagé, très engagé, cela ne s’était encore jamais vu à Cannes.

    The Palme d'Or had never before been awarded to a politically committed documentary at Cannes.

    I'm concerned that I'm missing the nuance of 'engagé, très engagé' in my translation. Can anyone improve this please?

  2. whims Senior Member

    french (France)
    engagé = involved ?
  3. Glasguensis

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    I would go with "to a (very) political documentary"

    Incidentally because of your rewording from the original, the "at Cannes" is now redundant.
  4. KirstyWeston Senior Member

    Gard, France
    UK English
    Thanks again! I did wonder whether there was some sort of play on words with 'engagé' but not sure about this, or about how to maintain this in English if there is. I prefer your version to mine, anyway!

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