I'm trying to find the right word for documentarista - "a person who makes documentaries". I usually use videomaker but this figure is quite different and I would like to find the specific one. Documentarist is ok? Does it sound good?
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    I've never heard of a documentarista in English. I've heard of documentary filmmakers though.


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    Would it be ok to use "documentary maker"? "The Oscar-nominated documentary-maker..."
    I would have thought so: you obviously found it already in an English publication, and it’s the first thing that occurred to me.
    "Documentary maker" would be OK in a pinch, but seems slightly off the mark.
    Yeah? Off the mark in what sense? Perhaps it’s a BE/AE thing.
    I would say "a maker of documentaries". If you do a search, you will find that is a fairly common collocation. (As is "documentary maker". I just prefer "maker of documentaries" for some reason).
    I have not heard "documentarist" or "documentarian" previously. They sound weird to me, polysyllabic and latinate, but I see they exist.
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